First IEA Affiliation Netherlands International Seminar
in Amsterdam, September 2013, 6th and 7th

Advanced Seminar for Enneagram Practitioners:
Enneagram and the Levels of Development

You will meet International Enneagram specialists, who have dedicated their teaching to the more practical use of the Enneagram. Flemming Christensen, Joyce Stenstrom and Albert Kamphuis will share their knowledge with you: Joyce will share new insights from the late Don Riso about the Levels (Levels of Development), that have never been shared before, Flemming will introduce you to The Levels of Capacity, a new Enneagram-related approach for the development of human capacities and Albert will introduce a new way to work with the Levels and ego-defenses: the Ego-Essence Negotiations.

This is a Train-the-Trainer Seminar, where we approach practical ways of human development, in your role as a trainer, coach, consultant or as an individual with a deep wish to get access to advanced tools for your work with the Enneagram. The Seminar is facilitated by the people from PEP, the Platform Enneagram Professionals, a Dutch Foundation.

After the seminar you will:

We welcome you to this Train-the-Trainer Seminar, where you as the first will receive these and about 40 years experience of the trainers, working with the Enneagram for personal growth.

TO REGISTER: CLICK HERE !   Limited to 60 participants !

Early Bird rate till August 15th will be 225,00 euro, exempt from VAT, for IEA and IEA Affiliate members (including PEP participants) for both days and for non-members 255,00 euro, exempt from VAT. 
After August 15th the price will be 255,00 euro, exempt from VAT and for non-members 285,00 euro exempt from VAT. (De Stichting is niet BTW plichtig)
Lunch included.

Location de Roos, Amsterdam, next to the Vondelpark.
Knowing about the Enneagram and the Levels is required to fully benefit from this Seminar.

Schedule: Friday from 10.00 -17.30, Saturday from 09.00 – 17.00.

Program Outline

Day 1

Joyce Stenstrom: The Discovery of the Levels of Development. Joyce will share the early influences, methods, turning points, and end-of-life reflections by the late Don Riso. This presentation is based on recorded interviews with Don in the last week of his life and we will hear his voice throughout.
What are the Levels? What influenced their discovery? How were the concepts uncovered and refined? Why do the Levels matter? How can we use the Levels?

Flemming Christensen: Introduction to moving Up the Levels using Levels of Capacity™. Using the Enneagram as a map for WHAT to develop and integrating The Levels of Capacity™ to understand HOW to do it. The Levels of Capacity™ includes Self Mastery, Social Intelligence and Life Practices to inspire and support you to take the wisdom of the Enneagram to the next level. The Levels of Capacity™ is basically a new way of thinking about the Levels of Development where you build the exact capacities, competencies and strength to move from one level to the next depending on your type. (See for more detail below)

Day 2

Two parallel workshops (performed twice, in the morning and again in the afternoon)

Workshop Albert Kamphuis and Joyce Stenstrom: Ego-Essence Negotiations™
Albert’s approach to our ego defenses is the following:”It is unconditional love that takes care of us, it is clumsy in the lower levels, but it still is unconditional love”. It is our essence that made these arrangements in our patterns. In our voices we can hear the negotiation between our essence and our ego-defenses.
How do you recognize these level 4 Negotiations? How can you work consciously with the Negotiation? How to stay present when you find out what is going on?

Workshop Flemming Christensen: Moving Up the Levels using Levels of Capacity™.
At this introduction workshop you will work directly with the levels using somatic “hints” for going up and down the levels, integral awareness of your own type and advanced techniques for presence and awareness for the different types. You will understand why it is so hard moving past level 4 and how you can develop a “body of…” (could be a body of a integrator, body of a learner, body of a listener etc.). You will receive new theory about how to work with the Levels of Development and you will be introduces to a very practical approach on working with the Enneagram.

The Trainers:

Joyce Stenstrom is a consultant in ergonomics and an artist.  For the past several years, she worked closely with Don Riso and together they shared their respect, appreciation, and exhuberance for the Levels of Development. In the early years of their work together, she and Don created the Enneagram Cards and Enneagram Charts. Later, she joined Don in the Nine Domains Group—a collaboration with three people from South Africa who wished to extend the wisdom of the Levels into team and organization dynamics.
Though she worked closely with Don for many years, a question that she had from the first reading of Personality Types remained unanswered: “How on Earth did he do this work?” In the weeks before he died, Don and Joyce had conversations around this question and Don’s often surprising answers. The answers are more than interesting—they suggest ways that others can contribute to this living, dynamic system.

Flemming Christensen is teaching and supporting leaders, which are both ambitious and visionary. Ambitious because that want to develop individuals, teams and organizations in a time with extreme complexity, ultrafast changes and shifts in paradigms and an ever increasing need to manage polarities. And visionary because they step into new territories of the development of human capacities – both themselves and people they are responsible for. Since 2001 Flemming has introduced the Enneagram to leaders, teacher, consultants and coaches and has formed a new tradition of how to train and support ambitious and visionary people in professional and personal leadership. Flemming is the author of 13 books, has been presenting the Enneagram to more than 50.000 people and has designed the Enneagram Type Indicator™, that is now the Top One Enneagram-test in Scandinavia with more than 140.000 users. Flemming is also the president of THINK ABOUT IT and The Enneagram Institute of Denmark.

Albert Kamphuis MSC is a writer, lecturer, business consultant, trainer, and executive coach, working with management teams in multinationals, institutions, government and university programs. He also works with individuals that want to be more present in their lives. He is the co-founder of the Egowise Leadership Academy, a Dutch training and consulting company. Personal Mastery development is the corner stone of his coaching and trainings. Sharing his method and experiences of the last 10 years, with his Levels based approach: Ego-Essence Negotiations™, will be his contribution to the seminar. He is Board Chairman of the IEA Netherlands Affiliation and co-founder and Board Member of the Platform for Enneagram Professionals (PEP) Foundation in the Netherlands ( The InnovationCircle is the basis for Egowise Leadership© in organizations. His (e)book, Egowise Leadership and the Nine Creating Forces of the InnovationCircle, was published in 2011. The Nine Creating Forces of the InnovationCircle provide a practical and experiential means to establish group momentum in order to tap into the inherent greatness of individuals, teams, and organizations. They are a simple and specific way of working with the interpersonal dynamics, organizational complexity, and alignment of individual talent with high performance.

Centrum  De Roos, P.C. Hooftstraat 183, 1071 BW Amsterdam
Phone number:  (0)20 – 689 00 81
How to get to Centrum De Roos:
Train from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station (ca. 15 minutes)
Trams from Central Station to Centrum de Roos:
From Amsterdam Central Station:  take  tram 2, 5, 16, or 24  (ca. 15 minutes)
Tram Line 2 (Direction Nieuw Sloten); Get out at:  Van Baerlestraat  (corner Paulus Potterstraat)
Tram Line 5  (Direction Veen Binnenhof); Get out at:  Van Baerlestraat  (corner Paulus Potterstraat)

Price: For IEA (Affiliate) members (including PEP participants) for both days:
Early Bird rate till August 15th will be 225,00 euro, exempt from VAT and for non-members 255,00 euro, exempt from VAT.
After August 15th the price will be 255,00 euro, exempt from VAT and for non-members 285,00 euro exempt from VAT.  (De Stichting is niet BTW plichtig)
Lunch included.

Hotel: Participants will book their own hotels

Questions and information:

Centrum de Roos

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Levels of Capacity by Flemming Christensen

The Levels of Capacity™ are a new way of working with the Levels of Development created by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson. The Levels of Capacity™ describe per Enneagram-type the very human capacity you will need to master before moving up the next level in the Levels of Development.

The Levels of Capacity™ is developed by Flemming Christensen that since 2001 has specialized in combining the Enneagram with other technologies of human development. The Levels of Capacity™ is a useful approach for advanced students of the Enneagram and/or the Integral Approach.


Sometimes when people learn about the Enneagram they mistakenly thinks that the Enneagram itself contain instruction on how to move up the levels, also many people trust that using the arrows, the instinct or wing will support them on the journey of becoming more present and aware. Not integrating other applications or technologies you will get caught within the Enneagram and find it very difficult to explore the experience of actually moving up the levels. The Enneagram is a map, which describes WHAT you your do, but not HOW. The Levels of Capacity™ will bring you that HOW guiding you to a more profound use of the wisdom of Enneagram.

Having studied the Enneagram you might have learned, that  Type 8 should integrate the qualities from Type 2 being more empathetic, expressing unconditional love and care, asking for help and support and understanding the impact that you make on people around you. The recipe is correct, but hardly any Type 8 will be able to master that human capacity of Type 2 before integration other human capacities like listening skill, enduring being quit in your own company, find time to be with yourself in your hectic everyday life, having a distinguish vocabulary about the difference between sensing and emotions. The Levels of Capacity™ will support you in your type with a practical approach of using the arrows, instincts and wings.

What do you learn?

Human Capacities. What is a human capacity compared to competences, talents and skills? How do you work with human capacities in relationship with the Enneagram?

The structure of the Levels of Development. Understanding the inner structure of the Levels of Development and why it is so difficult to work your way up the levels and in particular beyond levels 4.

Enneagram types and Capacities. What are the essential and unique human capacities that the different type would benefit from integrating in their lives and what specifically could every type practice on an everyday basis?

The somatic hints. Discovering the unique somatic hints that every individual have that takes us out of presence, and how can those hints be helpful to moving up the levels?

Three centers and self-observation. Using the intelligence from the three centers to build the capacities for self-observation. If your find it hard to self-observe in a hectic life, the centers gives you’re the easiest access to self-observation.

Relationship Wake Up Calls. And introduction the these kind of unique Wake Up Calls, that are available to you when acting within relationships. Use the dynamics of relationships to practice and develop your human capacities.